Welcome to Namuli Wiwanana

Above: Mount Namuli as seen from the Murretxa plateau, which houses Namuli’s native forests, their unique ecosystem, and species that do not exist anywhere else in the world. Photo by Roshni Lodhia/Legado

Queen Adelina speaking to her community about the historical importance of Mount Namuli for the Lomwe people. Her family leadership role and stewardship have been recognized for many generations. Photo by Roshni Lodhia/Legado

River Licungo, whose source originates deeply in the Namuli mountains and provides water to hundreds of thousands of people downstream, is under the protection of Namuli communities since time immemorial. Photo by Roshni Lodhia/Legado

A woman’s group in Mucunha, showcasing one of the key ways we create women-led spaces inside of our program to increase their leadership and voice. Photo by Roshni Lodhia/Legado

D. Lapia, from Macuwa village, in Murrabué, drawing and sharing her personal legacy and how Namuli is central to the thriving of the Lomwe culture. Photo by Roshni Lodhia/Legado

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